Excellent HVAC Comfort Makes the Home Office

There are certainly a number of things I miss about going to a traditional job in an office setting.

I always enjoyed all the little rituals that were part of the day.

The drive to work notwithstanding. But, I really did enjoy having my business suit on. Going out to lunch everyday was another highlight. But, the main thing I miss is my office. It was so nice and I worked awfully hard to be able to attain those walls and a door. My desk was made from imported wood and the view from my floor to ceiling was superb. The perfect temperature was always at hand given the state of the art heating and cooling system our building had. I never was too hot or too cold. I mean, I literally never was too hot or too cold. Then, it was all gone in the space of about 2 days. The company downsized and I’m over fifty so I got bought out. Now, I do my work from home for myself alone. I love the concept but man I sure miss the perks. I took over one of the guest rooms in my home. However, it really has never felt much like an office. It seems to be more like a neglected room with a converted table for a desk. But, I did something today that I hope brings me closer to feeling like I have my own office again. I had the HVAC guys come in and convert our current HVAC system into a zoned heating and cooling system. All it took was some dampers and gizmos then I had my own thermostat in my new office. I can now work in perfect comfort without changing everyone else’s thermostat settings. This will help me feel a bit more professional.


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