Hands Off the Office Thermostat

People never cease to amaze me with some of their ludicrous behavior.

  • It’s better than the cinema.

Really, it can be high drama. Wherever there is a bit of tension, you will find someone acting in some sort of bizarre manner. And, these are usually normal acting people otherwise. I even will go to the airport just to watch people lose their minds over just the simplest of situations. Another perfect place to spot weird behavior is in the office environment. Where I work, we all are forced inside these awful cubicles. There are no walls except those that make up the exterior of the building. It looks like a bunch of mice in a maze. But mess with the temperature and the mice go nuts. There are normally factions who group up to protect the thermostat from being adjusted away from their desired setting. And sometimes these faction straight get after each other. I have seen women come to blows over a 3 degree change in temperature. These were grown professional women. They had to be separated and there were chunks of hair on the floor when it was over. It has gotten so bad that the big boss put one of those plastic guards over the thermostat to stop anybody from changing the temperature setting. Oh and the stupid memos I’ve received about adhering to the company policy on the thermostat. It all seems so completely stupid and unnecessary. Recently, I sent an email up the chain suggesting a better solution to this problem. My suggestion was to get a smart thermostat which will be both programmable and more efficient at managing the HVAC usage. Then, it won’t matter because no one can change the thermostat setting. But, there will be something else stupid to set these people off.

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