I always bring my heater when I go camping

As kids we used to go camping a lot, because we lived right on the edge of the woods. This was a small country town, in a time when small towns usually had very little crime and parents weren’t super scared about their children running off. The point being, a bunch of my friends and I regularly got to sleep in tents out in the woods with no adults around. Those were some good times, and I still enjoy camping to this very day. Of course, I had a lot more energy back then, so now I bring a portable heater with me. Yes I still build campfires every time I go, but more for the light and using it to cook and not as a source of heating. This is the lazy option, I get that, but with a small heater in my tent I can let the fire go out and not have to tend it all night long. This also means I don’t have to gather as much firewood, so as you can tell the heater is the smart way to go. The one I use is solar powered, with a battery back-up as well, so I can just leave it in the sun all day and soak up that heating for later. One full day of sunlight will charge it up enough for a full 6 hours of heating, and the batteries can give you another 2 hours. While I will always build a campfire, I love having the heater just for the peace of mind it gives me.

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