The ice cream shop cooling equipment

Last Summer I sold ice cream at the park.

That was our job, plus it was a lot worse than it sounds, and first of all, kneeling next to a immense pile of ice cream products on aoverheatedday makes it almost impossible not to indulge, so I put on a ton of weight while working.

Also, this was not a shop, it was a cart, which meant all I had to cool myself and others off during the hottest area of the day was a beach umbrella. Let myself and others tell you, when you are kneeling onoverheatedstone in 100 degree weather, an umbrella is not enough cooling for a person. Every time I opened the cooler I got a nice icy blast in the face, even though I couldn’t just rest there with the cooler open. This year I have updated, after paying our dues, plus get to work inside, at the air conditioned ice cream shop. The new guy gets to toil in the park this time, paying his dues, plus I entirely get to go to work with a cooling system, and oh the irony of the situation, because now when I go to work I am entirely too cold, because they keep the control equipment set absolutely low. Since there are immense open coolers of ice cream everywhere, the control equipment stays low to retard melting of the product. I assume I sound love a whiner, but it absolutely is a matter of swinging from drastic heat to drastic cooling, maybe I’ll get lucky next Summer plus the temp will be just right.