Paying out of pocket for my A/C units

Living down south has some advantages & some pitfalls.

But I grew up in the northeast where I never really liked it.

I did love my friends and family and my house, but I thought the weather was just terrible. It was really only hot down there for about a month or so during the whole year. I’m just naturally a cold person. And so for me, living with freezing weather conditions is not a wonderful thing at all. I moved down south about five years ago to take a new job and so far, I’ve really liked how warm it is for most of the year. The only disadvantage to living in the south as far as I can tell is all of the tornadoes that come through here. I have been through three tornadoes since I moved down here! And that’s three too many! Thankfully, only one of the tornadoes messed up our house at all. The last one that came through here in May destroyed the windows & the wood siding on the back side of our house. It destroyed the windows, plus it destroyed our two window unit air conditioners that were our only source of cooling. Unfortunately, both of our air conditioners were on the same side of our house and they both ended up destroyed by the tornado’s powerful winds. I live in an older house, so using window units is one of our only options for cooling our house down in the summer heat. For some reason or other, our insurance company wouldn’t cover more than one of our new air conditioners! And so I ended up having to pay for them out of my own pocket. I suppose that it could be worse with the tornadoes, though. They are really scary. But even going one evening with no air conditioning is not fun for me. I could hardly sleep at all the night that I did not have an air conditioner running. So therefore I knew I had to go & buy two new air conditioners early the next morning. But I was able to get a wonderful deal on them. I’m just thankful to have a cool home once again now!


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