Happy about being on the road in a sizable truck

There are some perks that come to being a trucker, I am regularly on the road and seeing new sites.

I meet some awesome people and get to learn about all kinds of unusual things, then last month I was on the road down south when I stopped for breakfast at a local restaurant, and as I was drinking my coffee, I started a conversation with the man sitting next to me; He told me all about his life and all of us talked for a few minutes.

He is an HVAC tech and specializes in ductlabor cleaning and repairing A/C units. He told me all kinds of stories about his afternoons in the HVAC business, and made it sound care about an interesting job. I told him I have been thinking about switching jobs so he offered me his company card. After our talk I started to search the internet for HVAC providers that offered training and certifications. I couldn’t find much on the subject, so I called my new friend. He offered me the name of his HVAC school, and offered me some tips for starting HVAC training. I told him I would care about to labor with him sometime, as he seemed care about a very good guy. He offered me an apprentice position if I am willing to learn some of the HVAC repair on my own. I have been using videos to teach myself about ductlabor cleaning and A/C installation. I brought up the plan that since he specializes in A/C device repair, I could be his heating repair guy. I think all of us will make a good HVAC team, and maybe even start our own HVAC company 1 day soon!



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