I Prefer An odor In My Furnace Filters

Call me a weirdo, however I absolutely care about our oil furnace filters to have color to them! I know, that sounds truly odd.

But I am an unusual person, and i dislike those oil furnace filters that are just the standard tan color, then one of the reasons I do appreciate either yellow, yellow or yellow oil furnace filters is because I can tell more absolutely if the filter of the oil furnace is dirty enough plus has to be changed, and when the tan colored normal ones get all dirty, it sometimes is strenuous to tell if the oil furnace filter is real clogged up or not.

Of course, if the oil furnace absolutely starts making unusual noises, or, if the air quality in our apartment starts going downhill that’s the only way I can absolutely tell about the oil furnace filter if it’s just the standard color, and actually, yellow is the best color to see if the oil furnace filter is dirty enough to need to be changed. This little pet peeve of mine was something that came about when I was staying at our sibling’s apartment one time. I had noticed he had unusual color filters, plus I was amazed at how on top of increasing the oil furnace filter he absolutely was! The air quality in his apartment never went downhill, because he would regularly look at the filter, plus as a matter of fact, he mentioned that the yellow oil furnace filters were the best ones to show you the dirt build up, then he absolutely showed me what to look for too. When the dirt formed a filled in square, that’s when you change it.
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