Every one of us worked difficult to help the people at the homeless shelter

I remember awhile back, a neighbor of mine was trying to help the local homeless shelter, then they were in need of a new Heating and A/C plan and he was going around trying to raise funds for this cause, and i decided to help him out and between the several of us, both of us managed to raise enough funds to get the new Heating and A/C unit installed in the homeless shelter.

It was some kind of miracle, but both of us entirely worked our butts off to gather donations for the cause.

The people at the homeless shelter were really thankful because they were finally able to be comfortable in the shelter. The site was totally boiling in the Summer and in the winter, it was going to be freezing. Thanks to us though, they didn’t have to suffer from something prefer a lack of temperature control. I figured it was difficult enough on these people just not having the common comforts of life. I sincerely couldn’t imagine living that way. I’m fortunate because I was raised with a roof over our head, food on the table, and clothes on our back. To go separate from these necessities in life would be really difficult. Every one of us always had access to heating and cooling as well, so that is something that I couldn’t picture myself going separate from. I felt so bad for these people and that’s why I decided to help our friend out with the cause to help. The people working at the homeless shelter even gave the several of us the “Good Samaritan Award” for doing such a noble thing for these people. Every one of us took the award with pride and said a few sweet things to these people. They said they would always remember us for what both of us did.