My voice require the highest air quality

As a studio songsian, I never was the star of my own band.

I am not the guy who gets the spotlight, I am the guy who crushes a bass guitar solo while no 1 pays attention.

I have long since come to grips with the fact that I will never record my own solo album, & that is OK with me. I don’t need a tour of my own, I love playing backup for the stars in the recording studio or out on the road. However I can no longer go out to play live shows, a studio is all I can do because I require superior air quality to stay sharp, and a studio will always have the best possible temperature control system, for the benefit the songsians recording, so it is always cool & the air is clean. There is no such thing as a/c or scrub air when you are playing on period somewhere, that’s why I had to provide it up! My doctor says that my lungs are weak, & I need the filtered air of an Heating & Air Conditioning system to keep me health strong. I am not getting any younger, & although I don’t have any health problems right now, I need to walk the straight & narrow & stay near an air filter at all times. It isn’t just smoke I am talking about, allergens & pollen can also impact my breathing, which is why I have an extra air filter in my bedroom. I am also considering getting a humidifier to run while I sleep.

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