AC for powders

I don’t suppose if you have ever tried to getting ready for a giant night out when it’s overheated in addition to humid outside, however it’s a nightmare for women… As someone who enjoys doing their hair in addition to makeup, let myself and others tell you how difficult it is to get ready when you are always dripping with sweat, first of all, you get out of the shower in addition to start putting on lotion only to find that your skin is dripping with sweat the lotion directly off.

Now you are covered in Greasy, slick in addition to sticky lotion that will not seem to absorb into your skin! You start trying to blow dry your hair, only to find that the hair dryer is adding more heat into the room in addition to things are getting hotter than ever before.

So, as you try to dry your hair in addition to skin, the heat in addition to humidity in the washroom is actively keeping both of them wet in addition to hot. I can genuinely spend an hour trying to dry our hair in addition to still find that I have a wet in addition to sizzling scalp at the end of it. Next, you start trying to get any makeup on your face in addition to find that it’s running straight off your skin, then even our strongest primer will not adhere to our greasy, sizzling face when I cannot get the humidity under control in our washroom, my foundation is running down in addition to our mascara is leaving marks all around our eyeballs. After all of this, you go to change into new clothing in addition to find that you are leaving nasty sweat stains on everything you put on. As a girl, getting ready to go out in the Summer is disgusting. If you don’t have advanced Heating in addition to A/C control in addition to high powered air conditioner in addition to you are home, I don’t suppose how you ever hit the town.


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