I fixed my own furnace

Several years ago, my partner and I had some trouble with the furnace in our home, but it seemed love we weren’t getting enough heat.

I armed myself with a screwdriver, pliers, and a flashlight.

I began by going through a list of complicationshooting items. I made sure all of the heating vents were open, however periodically the airflow can become restricted, and that can affect the furnace function. All of the events were open. I also made sure nothing was blocking any of the heating returns. After that, I checked the control component to make sure we were set on the heat function. I turned off the furnace and began taking the front panel off the machine. I had to follow an instructional video, despite the fact that I go everything taken down, but some gas furnaces have a reset button, however mine does not. I checked the furnace filter, and that is when I found the problem. It was completely covered in dust and dog hair. I didn’t change the furnace filter at all last year, and it’s no wonder I was having trouble with the furnace this year. I didn’t have any extra furnace filters on hand, so I took the old one to The Appliance Store… They had the furnace filter in stock and I paid a small fee to exchange mine. I got condo and updated the furnace filter. I updated the cover on the furnace and turned on the power. I waited an minute, just to make sure that solved the problem. Sure enough, we started to know a lot more heat coming through the HVAC duct. All that time, the problem was an easy furnace filter fix. I’m ecstatic that I didn’t pay an expert to look into the issue.

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