We cheaped out on the church HVAC

I’m starting to think if the building committee made the right choice about choosing ductless Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.

We built an addition onto our church last year.

We then decided to put in zone control because the new building was going to be huge. The crew of us wanted to go ahead plus put in zone control heating plus air conditioning right away. This way, if there was a repair or event in 1 building but not in the other, no money would be used up. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning dealer that both of us used assured us that the zone control heating plus cooling could be installed quite simply. The two of us also are getting a top of the line device. The crew of us got numerous quotes from Heating plus Air Conditioning businesses. The 1 dealer had a lower price tag; Seemed like fate to go with them. Now, I’m not so sure that I made the right choice. The addition has been finished for the past few weeks, plus people are still using the building! But, every week it seems like there is a new concern with the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit. The first week, there was a terrible clicking sound coming from the air conditioning system vents. The awful noise was irritating for the building that wanted silence… It was so distracting to all the people who were attending! Then the next week, the cooling plan ran in the middle of the whole afternoon, plus it was frigid. I kept trying to change the temperature, but nothing changed. Makes sense why we got it so cheap.

a/c representative