How I get rid of cold feet

I have some complaints about what I look like.

My hair is too big plus my thighs are wide.

I guess my teeth are too forward plus I have a terrible speaking voice. And the thing that bugs myself and others more than anything is that I have super chilly feet. It doesn’t matter how many pairs of thick socks I put on or how often I wear my wool slippers, either. My feet just have trouble heating up no matter what I do. In the cold season it is horrible. At least in the summertime, I can go outside plus walk on the heated turf. I can get them heated on the driveway. But in the cold season, I only have my oil heating system to keep myself and others warm. I have a fantastic high efficiency heating plan in my property. However, I have a substantial house with wood floors. The floors stay so cold that my feet are only sizzling when I’m sitting right next to a heating duct. As soon as I move away from the heating vents, my feet get freezing cold again. Once in a while I construct a fire in the fireplace, however that’s not something that I want to do. It costs a whole lot plus is a lot of work. However, at least with a fireplace, my feet get heated for a while! The other year when my Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman was here adjusting the air filters for me, she mentioned that I should get radiant flooring. The hardwood floors would have heat in them plus my feet would not be frigid at all.


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