Washable Air Filter

I’m usually not very forgetful.

I like keeping track of everything in the home; laundry schedules, meal prep, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

but one thing that I always forget about is the air filter! For the life of me I cannot remember to keep track of that monthly chore. I think it’s because I don’t think very much about the heater or air conditioner unless something is wrong with one of them. Either way, I always forget to change it. Last time, when I actually did remember, I ran across a washable air filter. It piqued my interest. I had never heard of a washable air filter before. I got my phone out immediately and started doing a little research. Apparently, some of the washable air filters are not only reusable but permanent! On top of that, it appeared that the washable air filters worked better as well; they’re designed to trap around 94% of dirt and allergens. The best part about it was that the reusable filter wasn’t even very expensive. I bought one and rushed home to use it. It works great! I love my washable air and furnace filters- yeah, they have them for furnaces too! It has been so much more convenient to add the air filters on my laundry list as opposed to trying to keep track of a disposable air filter once a month that will come in a pack of 2 at the most. With the reusable air filter, if I think about it all I have to do is wash it instead of going out to the store and trying to remember the exact measurements. These washable air filters have changed my life and I’m so happy to have them!