Another ad, another day

The technology of this week truly fascinates me, things that were once seen as impossible have become as everyday for people as toilet paper, such as cells.

Bigger and better cars have been made and they’re coming up with so many current inventions everyday.

On the slightly annoying side, I can tell you they are also finding ways to have ads intrude on your personal life each day, more and more. At one point, I went into a bathroom which had small tvs showing personalized bathroom ads! It’s just silly at that point. I always wanted to use online SEO in my world to help our business, however having been on the receiving end of so many continuous ads buzzing all over the locale trying to sell their products and services, I didn’t want any of our customers to have that with our advertising. I wasn’t out to be annoying. I knew that if I were to create advertising for our business, there was no doubt I would have to be clever. I decided to have our advertisements feature adorable cats, since people appreciate seeing cats and that would probably turn some heads, this would also make our ads more memorable for people. Online, however, was a bit trickier. I knew if I paid enough extra money I could have our ads featured on search engines, but I wanted more than that paid advertisement. Websites seemed to be a good way to advertise our business to locales, and I knew that making a website would be another good way to easily advertise in a less annoying fashion. I’m hoping this will help attract more targeted customers to our website.

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