Go where the customers are

In the last few months, I can tell you, I have completely redone how I have advertised for our Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and all our services.

I have gone from manual advertisements and billboards, to creating a website and quickly learning about the pros of digital SEO.

I’ve also went with several bizarre methods to help boost our website and help it quickly climb the search engine results… Using things such as SEO, I was once near the back of the search results and now I am now ever closer to the top. PPC and SEM have also greatly enhanced our website ranking, however apart from this I knew there was more I could do. I was casually surfing the internet in search of ideas when I came across a popular social media page of business. This was quite interesting, I hadn’t ever thought about making a social media page dedicated to our business before, however after I thought about it, the more it made a great deal of sense. Social media has to be one of the most popular online places to visit, so if I make many bizarre business pages in social media websites, I easily can access a ton of people of all ages and backgrounds. After I got that to work, it took a while, however, slowly but surely our pages were being noticed. I had to go on and continually make posts about our business, but I was beginning to get positive comments and reviews. I had a wave of people suddenly interested in our Heating and Air Conditioning business, and the wonderful feedback on our social media websites boosted our business drastically.

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