There was no individual temperature control in our cottage

When my buddies and I were on a long road trip headed across the nation, all of us decided to make a stop at a cottage.

It was more like a seasoned tavern the way it was set up, and there was even a warm fireplace and all of us immediately went to warm up in front of it.

We were able to get a room with a bed for each of us and it was fairly comfortable for the most part. The terrible news was that there wasn’t any individual temperature control. When I spoke to an employee about it, they said they didn’t like having thermostats in each room. She explained that there was only a single thermostat for the whole cottage. I suppose this was why there were so many people in front of the fireplace while eating their meals. It was chilly in our room, so all of us decided to do the same thing when it was time to eat our dinner. We ordered some unquestionably good room service. I ordered the steak dinner while my buddies opted for the roast. The spices they used were wonderful and the mashed potatoes were to die for. When all of us had our fill with food and drink that evening, all of us hung out near the fireplace. We didn’t want to go back into our chilly room anytime soon and that fireplace felt charming. Eventually it got late and all of us agreed that all of us had to rest. All of us decided to go back to our room and went to bed instantly! At least the blankets were warm, so the lack of temperature control wasn’t too terrible. Even though it was a seasoned cottage, it was still a wonderful experience for everyone. They served us a hearty dinner during the day, and after that we checked out and went on our way.


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