I don’t like my arrogant neighbor next door

I am just about ready to put up a for sale sign in my front yard and get out of here; I really never thought that I would abandon the lake house of my dreams and begin the entire lake house buying process all over again.

Honestly, I thought I would live here until the morning that I died, but the town is perfect, my property is appealing, and my lake house has everything that I could ever need. The thing that I cannot put up with any longer is my friend next door, then when I first moved in I thought that the guy was going to be a friend. Instead, he has turned out to be my worst nightmare living here. I suppose the trouble all started when he had a heating and cooling break down at his house; apparently his old boiler method stopped now working in the basement and he called out a professional air quality control specialist for help with the air handling device. As long as the heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist was on the scene, he asked for diagnostic maintenance on the heating and air conditioning component as well. That’s when he decided to have a full central heating, cooling, and air quality control component replaced. This would all be fine, except my enemy watched the entire HVAC replacement occur. Unluckily, it gave him the idea that he is capable of his own professional HVAC work… Every few mornings my enemy is harassing me to have my air conditioner component and furnace repaired… and by him no less! It’s been 6 months of this. I’m so sleepy because of his continual offers to destroy my HVAC method that I suppose I might just leave from this neighborhood.