Dated HVAC worker, heard all the town gossip

When I was younger I always imagined that I would find the love of my life extremely early on and settle down with them rather quickly.

  • I didn’t think that I would date more than two or three people in my entire lifetime.

I always assumed that it was going to be easy to find a perfect match and to start a blissful marriage together. Of course, that has not been the case. In my lifetime so far I have dated a lot of men and married zero of them. I’m not saying that I regret any of my decisions. I don’t think that I had a very realistic perspective when I was younger. However, I can tell you that I’ve learned a lot from all of these situations. One of my boyfriends, in particular, taught me everything that I know about indoor air handling devices and personal relationships. This is because he was a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist. Not only was he highly skilled in repairing, diagnosing, and upgrading my indoor air handling equipment… But he was especially good at relaying all of the town drama to me. Because he was continually going on residential HVAC repair and installation services, my boyfriend overheard a lot of the town gossip. He said that people acted like he didn’t even exist when he was performing there air conditioning or furnace repairs. As such, he knew the ins and outs of everyone’s personal lives after visiting their air quality control system. Thanks to this one experience in dating, I know my way around a modern heating and cooling system… and all of the local towns’ people who are probably getting divorced.



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