The updated cooling system is nice and quiet

The condo is truly quiet now that I have an updated cooling system.

My old cooling system still worked just fine, but it started to make an obnoxious noise.

It got so annoying to hear the noise that it was making every few seconds. It wasn’t a consistent sound which in my opinion made it even worse. I would rather have a consistent noise than a really loud random noise. It would scare me almost every time that it made the noise. I have no idea why my cooling system made that noise, other than being old. I asked a friend to take a look at our cooling system because he does work on cooling systems for a living. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my cooling system either. He only said that he had never heard a cooling system make such a strange sound. He made a joke about my cooling system being possessed or something. My friend and I had a fun time talking about how crazy the cooling system was. I decided to get rid of the cooling system all together. I just couldn’t rest with the loud noises that the old cooling system kept making. These strange noises would keep me up in the middle of the night, and it was so annoying. I decided to just donate that cooling system to a repair store.I told them I donated it because the cooling system was old and made a really strange noise. I got an updated cooling system, and man, it is so much better. My condo is much quieter now that I have an updated cooling system.

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