I have to call the HVAC company and have my oil furnace looked at

I really think I need to get my oil furnace looked at before Winter.

I believe that it might already be too late to worry about colder weather arriving.

The temperature outside is cold and it is cold in my house. I have been cold the past couple of evenings. In fact, the temperatures are so cold right now that I have been wearing PJs to bed. I don’t usually wear PJs to bed! Sure, I could easily adjust the control unit to turn on my oil furnace if it was even working. However, my oil furnace isn’t working at all. I don’t exactly know what is wrong with my oil furnace. However, it shouldn’t be surprising that I don’t have a clue as to what might be wrong with my oil furnace. I have never tried to fix an oil furnace in my life. I have no idea how an oil furnace is supposed to run other than turning it on. However, my oil furnace will not even turn on right now. I think it is safe to assume that a properly working oil furnace should at least turn on. I assume that I should have called the Heating and Air Conditioning company a long time ago. However, the temperatures weren’t too cold at the time, so it was easy to forget about the oil furnace that I wasn’t using. Now the temperature outside is becoming colder, I should do something about my oil furnace. Actually I am going to call the Heating and Air Conditioning company as soon as they open tomorrow. I just hope that the Heating and Air Conditioning company has an opening for me or I will be severely cold until it is fixed.
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