Ex likes to mess with control machine settings to torture me

Occasionally I have to wonder if I am recognizably attuned to psychos into our life.

I know, this probably sounds a tiny bit dramatic from the outside.

However, you need to understand what a disastrous love and dating history I have in our past. To be honorablewith you, I have easily never made a very wise decision when it comes to the gentlemen that I have been lovingly involved with. Things always start off great, if not incredibly intense. I tend to form easily strong connections with a deep emotional bass. As time passes, things do not stay so always positive. In fact, there is usually a lot of emotional co-dependency and eventually a sizable break. And after that, you can bet that our aggreived ex is going to torture myself and others as much as possible. This has genuinely always been the case with our most recent ex and our shared smart control unit. See, when the two of us were still together the two of us invested in a brand new control machine for our place. I needed much better air temperature control, energy expenditure management, and the option to adjusting our central heating and cooling proposal no matter where I was staying. He assisted myself and others to install the smart control machine and connecting it to our central heating, cooling, and ventilation system. It was a bummer, but our ex never logged out of our smart control machine application. To this afternoon he has been toying with our indoor air quality settings whenever he feels like throwing myself and others for a loop. At times the furnace will not stop running and other times I can’t get ice chilly air to stop flowing out of our vents. No matter what, I am always uncomfortable with his insistence on staying in our life via the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system.



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