The system has been tried and true

My Dad has had the same car since when he turned 16.

That makes the car just over 50 years old.

It still runs perfectly, somehow, plus we all use it to drive around neighborhood every day. Can you imagine having one car for your whole entire life, plus being cool with it? First of all I would get bored plus need a change for myself at some point, plus also, how can it keep running this well? I know he babies it, that’s her style, taking the best possible care of it, plus this is the result. Dad is the same way with the Heating plus Air Conditioning system, which I assume came around the same time I was bored. The professionals told her I needed a lot more humidity in my air quality because of my lungs, so we got our first air conditioner installed just for me. It turns out that she only ever ran the A/C system when I was there, so after I moved out for university he only used it once in a while when I came to the lake house to visit. That combined with correct Heating plus Air Conditioning inspections plus regular upkeep from a local business is what made her cheap little air conditioner last so long. I just turned 35, plus I don’t see how any air conditioner can work for over thirty years easily without being replaced, it staggers the mind! The last time I visited I looked at the control component plus saw that it was covered in dust, having not been used in many months. I turned it on, plus I swear to you the A/C was as nice, crisp plus cold as it has ever been.



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