Setting up a home gym

I’m saving up for an elliptical.

Moving out of the city allowed my husband and I to afford a much bigger piece of property. There’s plenty of space for the kids to play outside, and we were able to install a swimming pool in the backyard. Instead of a cramped apartment, we have a large house. The kids each have their own bedrooms now, and we have multiple bathrooms and a lot more closet space. The transition has been really beneficial for our family. However, our new location means a much longer commute to and from work. We don’t have easy access to amenities such as coffee shops, restaurants and shopping. There is no nearby fitness center. For a while, I tried maintaining a gym membership anyway. I figured I could stop after work, exercise for an hour and then head home. It just made for too long of a day. I got where I was dreading the workout and was exhausted when I finally got home. I then tried scheduling the workout prior to work. Because of the long commute, I’m already setting my alarm extra early. Trying to fit an extra hour in before starting the workday was awful. I finally gave up on the membership and decided to set up a home gym. The larger house means that I can utilize a room for my workout needs. I’ve invested in a treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mat, weight bench, free weights, resistance bands and a jump rope. I’m saving up for an elliptical. While I don’t have even close to the selection of the gym, I like the convenience of working out at home. I can fit my training sessions in whenever I have some free time. I don’t feel guilty if I only have twenty minutes to run on the treadmill.
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