Exercise is a great stress-reliever

My daily workouts are not only about keeping healthy.

I definitely want to keep physically fit and fight the drawbacks of growing older.

I certainly hope to maintain my strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion. I’d like to avoid needless physical ailments and weight gain. It’s important to me to stay toned and attractive. However, I’ve found that a strenuous workout is also a great way to alleviate stress. Whether I’m worried about responsibilities at work, fretting over money or angry with someone, exercise has a way of calming me. I get to work out all that aggression and get into a more positive mindset. On the days when I’m feeling especially angry, depressed or anxious, I choose high intensity cardio workouts. I might go for a long run or use wind sprints to blow off steam. I often swim laps, ride my bike or jump rope. The fresh air and sunshine gives me the opportunity to clear my head and notice the world around me. I’ve found that cardio workouts help to get my heart really pounding and work up a decent sweat. I feel better after I’ve gotten out of breath and made my lungs work harder. I definitely notice the rush of feel-good endorphins. After the workout, I am always in a better mood. I can even use exercise to alleviate tension headaches. One of the best types of workouts to reach a more peaceful state of mind is punching the heavy bag, hitting the speed bag and shadow boxing. All of these exercises require complete focus. They allow me to hone in on a target and release all of the negative emotions.

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