Trying to stay fit as I get older

I’ve changed my diet to avoid pasta, cheese, bread and most of the foods that I really love

When I was younger, I only needed to be somewhat careful about what I ate and workout for around twenty minutes per day and I could easily maintain a healthy and attractive weight. As I’ve grown older, my metabolism has slowed down considerably. I’ve needed to become much more dedicated and diligent about my diet and exercise routine. I’ve also found it necessary to add in a regular skincare routine. Where I once simply washed my face with water, I now have a series of rather expensive anti-aging products. I use a special face wash, a cream for circles under my eyes, a lotion against wrinkles on my neck and above my lip and a serum for my cheeks and forehead. I go through my skincare ritual every morning after my shower and right before bed. I no longer need to set an alarm because I have such difficulty sleeping at night and automatically wake up extremely early in the mornings. I usually exercise first. I find it’s better for me to get it done right away. The longer I procrastinate, the harder it is to get motivated. For the most part, I enjoy my workout sessions. However, I currently devote at least 60 minutes to physical activity every day. I make sure to include a minimum of thirty minutes of high intensity cardio. Sometimes I spend the whole workout elevating my heart rate, breathing hard and sweating profusely. I need to do everything possible to keep my weight the same. My body would really like to add a few pounds right in my tummy. I need to work much harder at keeping thin and maintaining toned muscles. Flexibility no longer comes as easily as it once did. I’ve changed my diet to avoid pasta, cheese, bread and most of the foods that I really love. I stick with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
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