Love working out outdoors

In the late spring, summer and early fall, my workouts are far more enjoyable.

When the snow melts and the temperature gets at least into the fifties, I can head outside and breathe fresh air.

I enjoy having plenty of space and more versatility. I’m able to go for a run at the athletic track, around the neighborhood or follow trails through the woods. I can ride my bike along a paved path that extends for over sixty miles in either direction. Sometimes, I unroll my yoga mat on the back deck and lift weights and go through a series of crunches, squats or lunges. I like to jump rope and do mountain climbers, burpees and lunge jumps. There’s plenty of space and no worries of causing damage. When the weather finally turns hot and humid, I am fortunate to have a swimming pool in the backyard. I absolutely love working out in the water. I most often swim laps and incorporate all different types of strokes. I switch between pushing myself to swim faster or swim for a longer distance and duration. Another great exercise is treading water in the middle of the pool. I can tread using just my legs, just my arms or using my entire body to stay afloat. There are days when I set up my bluetooth speaker, blast music and handle my workout entirely in the shallow end. The water provides resistance and makes every movement more strenuous. I will attempt to run back and forth across the shallow end, jump, do high knees, leap, kick and all sorts of motions that elevate my heart rate and work my muscles. It’s very enjoyable, and I don’t even feel like I’m overly exerting myself until I climb out of the water. That’s when I feel how fatigued my muscles are.

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