Developing plantar fasciitis because of too much running

Now, I only run once or twice per week, and I have sneakers designed specifically for running

I have extremely high arches in my feet, which has led to some problems. The combination of the high arches and running in poor quality sneakers led to plantar fasciitis. I first started running because I had no other option for working out. There are no gyms or fitness centers in my local area, and at that time, I couldn’t have afforded the membership anyway. I got married very young, and for a long time, we struggled financially. We had three kids very close together in age, and it was difficult to cover the cost of diapers, formula, groceries and the mortgage on our home. I was always looking for ways to cut expenses. Fitness has always been a big priority in my life. I needed to find ways to exercise that didn’t require the purchase of specialized equipment. I started running because it was free. I used cheap sneakers that were old and originally purchased for under ten dollars at a Walmart. They weren’t designed for running and offered no support for my arches. I ran approximately ten miles every day, without properly warming up, cooling down or giving my muscles days off to rest. I made every possible mistake and eventually developed plantar fasciitis. The pain extended from the balls of my feet to my heels and felt as if my feet were tearing open with every step. I could barely walk or manage to sleep through the night. Running was out of the question. I read up on it and learned that I needed to rest, stretch and ice my feet. I also realized that overuse and poor quality footwear were to blame. It took me several years to heal my feet to the point where I could run again. Now, I only run once or twice per week, and I have sneakers designed specifically for running. I rest my feet in-between those days with low impact workouts such as swimming, cycling or strength training.

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