Enjoy riding my bike

I listen to music, breathe fresh air and enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin

I make an effort to workout every single day. I treat physical activity as a regular part of my routine, much like brushing my teeth or combing my hair. I believe that taking good care of my body has rewarded me as I’ve grown older. While I’ve seen many of my peers slow down and require medications and surgeries, I’ve had no major problems. I am careful about what I eat and drink, make sure to get enough sleep and my workouts include a wide range of activities. I start each workout by taking the time to thoroughly stretch and warm up. I think that stretching is most important. I also concentrate on strengthening my core muscles for the sake of good balance. I sometimes go for long runs, jump rope, swim laps or take my kayak out on a nearby lake. One of my favorite workouts is riding my bicycle. I find it really enjoyable and have the benefit of a paved bike path in close proximity to my home. The bike path does not permit motorized vehicles, so it’s a safe place to ride. It also extends over sixty miles in each direction and winds through wooded areas. I often catch sight of different kinds of birds, squirrels and even turtles along my route. With a water bottle, my phone and a bluetooth speaker attached to the bike, I have everything I need. I listen to music, breathe fresh air and enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin. To increase the intensity of the workout, I can switch to a high gear or pedal faster.

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