Switching from eating out to meal delivery service

I am aware that fast food is bad for me.

Eating meals at restaurants too often leads to weight gain.

I should be careful about my nutrition and portion sizes. Unfortunately, I am always delighted to eat out. When I discover a restaurant I enjoy, I tend to visit there on a weekly basis. This has been a common problem for me. I come across a new venue and became one of their regulars for several months. I can’t wait to sample every dish on the menu. I go all in until I find a new favorite restaurant. The trend renews every couple of months or so! However, I was recently hungry but too lazy to get dressed and find a restaurant. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat! I started trolling around online and came across a website for a meal delivery service. That’s how I found my new obsessions. The site requires a membership but offers a fantastic selection of food. They are located in my neighborhood and include options for pickup or meal delivery service. They are willing to knock on my door. The delivery service is different from take-out from a restaurant. The meals are all perfectly packaged but not fully prepared. I bake them at home. I get enough meals for a week of dinners. I choose entrees ahead of time and there’s a wonderful variety. All of the meals are well-balanced, nutritious and healthy. I’m able to count my calories and better control portion sizes. Now that I’ve realized how convenient the meal delivery is, I am no longer as eager to go out to a restaurant. It’s so much nicer to stay home and wear my pajamas. I can relax while I eat and not feel guilty about what and how much food I’ve consumed.


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