Happy with my local gym

I have been a member at a nearby gym for approximately four years.

  • The dues are not overly high, and the facility offers everything I need to get a productive workout.

It’s not one of the larger chain fitness centers with the latest and greatest in fitness technology. My gym is a family-owned operation. Either the husband or wife are always on the premises, and sometimes their two-year-old girl is with them. They keep the gym super clean and all of the equipment is well-maintained. While there aren’t a thousand different types of treadmills, there’s rarely a wait to use the equipment. I can switch between a half-dozen ellipticals, a selection of stationary bikes, two stairmasters and four rowing machines. There’s a heavy bag and a speed bag, and all sorts of weight training machines. There’s also a separate studio for spin classes and one for yoga. I can sign up for a massage or use one of the tanning beds. They offer protein shakes in a nice variety of flavors.Because it is a relatively small gym and I typically workout at the same time in the mornings, most of the faces I see are familiar. Just by sitting next to the same people while we pedal stationary bikes for half an hour has led to getting to know them. It makes for a very comfortable and welcoming environment. I think I prefer this to a more corporate style fitness center. Plus, my local gym is always looking to make improvements. Right now, they are installing an outdoor running track. There is some loose talk of eventually adding a swimming pool.


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