Pushing my muscles too hard

I am very physically active. I workout every morning, spending about sixty minutes on a combination of stretching, strength training and high impact aerobics. I tend to push myself quite hard, hoping to not only maintain but improve my level of fitness. I workout even when I am not feeling my best. I don’t let a sleepless night and waking up exhausted prevent me from exercising. I’ve found that I can sometimes get rid of a headache with high intensity cardio. However, I’ve already worked out with a fever and congestion and made my symptoms a lot worse. I’ve exercised when I’ve been suffering from injuries and lengthened the recovery time. I just don’t like to skip a workout or be idle. The worst injury I’ve dealt with was when I pulled my psoas muscle. That is a major muscle that wraps around from the butt to the thigh and down to the knee. I’ve never felt such intense pain in my whole life. It hurt to sit, lie down, stand or walk. I couldn’t sleep or make it up or down the stairs. I missed a great deal of work. I still managed to lift weights, but it wasn’t possible to do any kind of leg workout. I should have rested the leg for a lot longer than I did. As soon as I could limp around, I tried running and set back my recovery time by quite a bit. I kept pushing myself too soon and too hard, and then I’d be right back to icing the muscle and dealing with the pain again.



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