Trying to find a commercial fencing company to wrap the property my business is on

It’s hard trying to find affordable business space to rent in my city as the real estate market rebounds.

I had a great location downtown for six years, but my rent kept increasing every single time I signed a new lease. When it had jumped by 60%, I decided to go somewhere else. I own an outdoor recreation store, and we had a lot of foot traffic coming in from the beach at the end of the road. Unfortunately I had to pivot and focus on freshwater fishermen after moving away from the city. On the bright side, I found a large building with a sizable parking lot and secured a monthly mortgage payment that costs less than my rent in the city. I expanded my selection of camping and hunting equipment and managed to bring in a new wave of customers that had never seen my store in its previous iteration. Profits from the first year were so good that I quickly started looking for ways to make improvements to the property. I painted the building, put on a new roof, replaced the heating and cooling system, and repaired the interior floors throughout. The last part of my improvement project involved the landscaping outside. I hired a landscaping company to lay sod and plant shrubs and flowers in varying locations. The last thing I did was hire a commercial fencing company to put up a large white vinyl fence around the entire property. I’m hoping to have enough money in the next few years to build an archery and firearm shooting range adjacent to my existing building. For now I want the fence to give my customers a bit of privacy while cutting back on noise from the highway.


Fence Installation