It’s October first and I need the furnace.

It was only the beginning of October and my husband had already cleaned the furnace and had it running. I hated that we had to go back to the boiler and use hot water the boiler gave us. The hot water was cold water by the time my shower was over, but I was able to stay warm at night. I was tired of wearing a sweater all day and socks in bed. I couldn’t believe how quickly the weather had changed from summer to fall. The daytime temps were in the mid sixties, but nighttime temperatures were in the upper thirties. This didn’t give me much comfort. When he turned on the furnace, I could smell the heat coming from the baseboard heaters. The heat radiating through the room allowed my muscles to relax, and I could finally work without a sweater. As much as I hated the idea of having the furnace running so early in the season, I was glad we had the furnace running. My husband adjusted the thermostat so that the furnace wouldn’t turn on as long as the house is at sixty-eight, which is a comfortable temperature for both of us. We still hear the furnace turn on so it can heat the water, but that’s okay. Now that the temperature has come up about ten degrees, we know the furnace won’t run for long. It’s not like we need the heat to keep us warm. My husband was grumbling about needing to turn on the furnace when it was only October 1, but I didn’t hear complaining about not wearing a jacket in the house.

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