I removed the air conditioning unit while my husband was working.

When my husband went to work yesterday, I decided to remove the window air conditioner that was in our room. The temperatures were staying well below eighty now, and we hadn’t used the AC unit for over a month now. The winds were cold when they blew, and I swore I could feel the cold air coming from around the air conditioning unit. I had said something to him about taking the air conditioning unit out of the window. He gave me his normal speech about working all day and when he got home, he didn’t want to deal with the air conditioning unit. It was going to need to wait until the weekend. The weekend had come and gone, and the AC unit was still in the window. I pushed the window up so I could pull the air conditioning unit out. I didn’t realize how easily it would tip out, or how hard it was going to be to lift it over the bottom lip. I finally got it loose and almost out of the window when I realized I hadn’t prepared a place to put it. I stood there holding the air conditioner half in and half out of the window. I was looking around for a place to lay the AC unit, but I saw nothing. I couldn’t put it on the bed, or the dresser, but…I looked at the floor and decided that it was where it should be. I pulled over a small carpet and slid the air conditioning down onto it. When my husband got home, he looked at the AC unit and told me that it wouldn’t be hard to find when we needed it again.

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