There are better air cleaning systems available for the right money

My life has had so numerous twists and turns it’s amazing that I haven’t lost my mind from all of the insane stress.

I’ve gone through many besties, cars, and houses along with moving about 50 times over the past 30 years.

I guess both of us become more bendy to change and that change makes us more resilient too. I’ve recently moved out of the states and actually threw myself a curveball. I did this at age 48 because I felt like my life was in a rut in the states and I just got out of a relationship that almost killed me. My health was failing and the first thing I focused on was my air quality system and how the filtration in my a/c was important for fantastic health. These are things a lot of people don’t even realize and I would like to have a YouTube channel that informs people about how to live a healthier life. A lot of the current heating and cooling units have HEPA filters in them so this is a start, but there still are numerous people residing with dirty air filters in their houses. When I moved into this flat the first thing I did was check the air filter in the air handler, it was so dirty I couldn’t see daylight through it when I held it to the sun. It’s so easy to clean and only takes a few fifths, but if people don’t even guess then how could they clean it? Make sure you clean your air filters respectfully and regularly please.
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