The tech was late by an hour for the ductless HVAC install

My husband called a couple of different HVAC companies to get a quote for a ductless heating and cooling unit.

All of the companies wanted a fortune for the machine.

My husband found a ductless heating and cooling unit online for $300 less than any of the other companies planned to charge. We decided to purchase the equipment on our own and then we called an HVAC service provider to install the machine. The installation charges were the same whether we had the materials or not. My husband scheduled the installation appointment for Monday morning. The technician was supposed to be at the house by 8 AM. My husband and I had an appointment later that afternoon and we wanted the HVAC service provider to be finished with his work before we work on. Around 8:30, I contacted the service company because the technician had still not arrived. The person on the phone told me that that technician was running late but they promised that he was on the way. The technician did not show up until 9 am. The guy assured my husband and I that it would only take a couple of hours for the ductless heating and cooling unit installation. The guy started working as soon as he arrived. He cut a hole for the machine and wired all of the electrical components. He finished with the installation several hours before my husband and I had to leave for the city. The installation service even comes with a one year warranty on any and all installation defects.

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