The football game was delayed because of thunder and lightning

After the game, we packed into the car and turned on the heat.

My son plays football for the high school team. They have games every night at 7 or 7:30. Each and every week, my husband and I faithfully attend the games whether it’s raining or the sun is shining. We’ve never missed a game over the three years that Jack has played high school sports. Last weekend, I honestly thought about staying home. I saw the weather report for the home game. The rain storms were supposed to start shortly after the kickoff time. The temperatures were going to drop rapidly over the next couple of hours and then snowfall was expected after midnight. My hubby and I packed an extra blanket and our raincoats and we headed down to the football field around 5:30. It was already getting cold and the dark clouds were rolling into the valley. It started to thunder and lightning shortly after the first quarter and the game was delayed at halftime. They planned to start the game after 30 minutes of no lightning, but there was never a period of time when the weather wasn’t horrible and the game was eventually called. After the game, we packed into the car and turned on the heat. The heat dried out my clothes and made everyone feel warmer. My son was bummed out about the game, but we decided to go grab a steak instead. It’s a good thing we had the furnace on at home, because it was snowing by the time we finally arrived back at the house. It got cold and the rain turned into ice and snow.


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