The concert was boring and I was cold and miserable

My friends invited me to go to a concert out by the highway.

It was an all day event and it sounded like a ton of fun.

I didn’t have to work, so I agreed to go to the concert. I didn’t want to drive, so I rode with Shelly. She has a small car with four seats and it gets excellent gas mileage. It’s also fairly new so we didn’t have to worry about getting stranded. I thought the concert was going to be rock and roll bands, and I was disappointed when I realized they were heavy metal bands. It’s still rock, but I couldn’t understand the lyrics and most of the time it was just somebody screaming into the microphone. It wasn’t enjoyable music to my eWhen the sun started to set, it got really cold. I was wearing a light seater, but I was freezing cold without any heat. Even the bathrooms were cold. They didn’t have any heat either. I asked Shelly for the keys to her car, but she didn’t want me to use all of the gas running the heater. I sat next to my friends until the very last band played. On the way home, we ran the heater on the highest setting. I know they enjoyed the bands, but I could tell they were all just as cold as me. The next time my friends invite me to go to an all day concert, I’m going to research the bands better. If I had known they were scream-o bands, I probably would have stayed home that day.


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