Old lodge gets new life and great HVAC

There is no doubt that the old hunting lodge was not in great shape.

Then again, it had been like 35 years since the last time I was in the place when I went up there after I inherited it.

How I ended up with the hunting lodge, I’m still not so sure. But it was mine and I wanted to have a look. So I left the air conditioning comfort of my home in the suburbs to travel several hours and way out into the woods. But once I got on that old road, it all came back to me. My dad would scoop my sister and I up from school sometimes and take us up to the lodge for the weekend. Honestly, I think he did this in part to give my mom a break. And I can just picture her reclining in the heating and cooling comfort of the family home without kids going nuts. Dad wasn’t as big into hunting as he was into just getting out of the air conditioning and back to nature. This hunting lodge and the land had been passed down to him from his father. I’m guessing this is why I got it. But when I got up there, it was clear that I either needed to put some money in it or sell it. After talking with my sister, I decided to fix it up for us and the next generations. The finishing touch on those renovations was the addition of residential HVAC. My dad would probably just hate that.


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