I love traveling but it comes with some downfalls.

If you’re traveling in a car you most likely are going to complain about your legs hurting and always asking the question: “Are we there yet?” When you’re traveling on a plane you may ask the same question.

  • But I believe when you’re traveling on a plane it can be complicated because of the but air temperature.

Every time when I first walk onto a plane to find my seat I’m always warm. The air that comes out of the two small vents above aren’t as cold. I like to call this false air. The air that’s on the plane is not fresh and it’s very stale. As the plane is flying through the air and I’m in my seat trying to enjoy a tv show I get colder. The air freon that’s in the air conditioning systems plane must kick on later. Just like any kind of heating cooling system it does take a while to fully generate air. But when I’m on a plane I’m hoping that the air temperature is efficient because of the amount of money I spent on a plane ticket. Unfortunately that is not the case on some planes. Due to the air on the plane I always seem to develop a runny nose or sore throat a few days after flying. I really wish that there was a better ventilation system in a plane to minimize the transfer of germs and viruses. I wonder how big their heating cooling system is. Is their heating and cooling system on a plane similar to one that is installed in a car? Unfortunately the only way for me to find out is if I google it or ask my local heating and cooling technician. I’m hoping that within the next few years the heating and cooling and ventilation system in a plane will be more advanced.


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