Two of my favorite pastimes are reading in my living room and going to the movies.

I love reading books that end up turning into movies because I love to compare the differences and similarities between the books and movies.

Just recently I’ve realized that i’m starting to dislike going to the movies more and more.

The reason for this is that my local movie theater is starting to not have a whole ton of heat on while the movie is playing. It’s almost like their oil furnace is not working at all or it’s working very tirelessly. After the movie I went to the concierge and I told them that they really need to turn up the thermostat because not only was I very cold but I could hear the other customers complain while watching the movie. He told me that they are having some issues with their heating and cooling and ventilation system but they are hoping that there will be a heating cooling technician able to look at their HVAC system that day. I was hoping that would be done rather soon as I do plan on going to see another movie that week. To be honest I would rather be in the comfort of my home with my oil furnace running, with an ample amount of heat coming out of the air registers. Even in the summertime I want to be able to feel comfortable at the movies with some form of cool air on me as I’m watching the movie. Or instead I’ll just go home and turn on my air conditioning unit and set my thermostat low so I can enjoy reading a good book.



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