I was so moved by a movie that I just went to see with my boyfriend.

This movie was so emotional.

I literally broke down crying while watching it.

My boyfriend was making fun of me because he could see the tears run down my face. The movie was about a girl who has an autoimmune disease. This autoimmune disease affects her so tremendously that she cannot go outside. She constantly has to be contained in her house everyday. Her house is very clean and she has a top of the line heating and cooling and ventilation system. Their hvac system is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. The system is not only monitored by a heating and cooling technician but it’s also monitored by a doctor. There’s also a very advanced filtration system that eliminates all viruses, bacteria in any other foreign substances that may be lingering in the home. This type of heating, ventilation and cooling system is very rare and hard to come across unless you have a disease like this girl had in this movie. Her mother would come home from work every day and would have to go into a chamber in the foyer of their own home to disinfect from any contaminants that she would bring from the outside world. I couldn’t imagine living a life where I could not go outside of my house. Not to mention I can’t imagine what the repairs and routine maintenance must be for that heating ventilation and cooling system.

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