Traveling is great but there always seems to be some kind of problem that arises.

Two instances that I can recall that turned into big problems that have happened are: the airline lost my luggage and a stranger stealing my passport.

Just recently I went on a short trip which turned out to me having to stay an extra two days.

This was due to the cold weather and all of the snow and the planes running behind. Finally after waiting for my first plane for 3 hours we were allowed to board. As we were about to board, we had to go through a connection tunnel that would allow passengers to get on the plane. Because it was cold outside so was the tunnel. Waiting in the tunnel for 10 minutes was excruciating. I was so cold and I certainly was not dressed for it. I’m really hoping that in the future someone comes up with a device that allows the loading tunnels to be heated and cooled. I was really surprised that there is not some form of heating and cooling system in there, I believe it would certainly make the boarding experience a little less stressful and more comfortable and relaxed. Every time I board a plane I feel like people are always stressed out in wanting to make sure that they get the best seat possible. Even when you get on a plane the plane temperatures aren’t comfortable. Depending on what the weather is like outside it can be either too cold or too warm in the plane. I wish that planes were more personalized in a sense where you had your own little cubicle that allowed you to control the temperature of your own personal space instead of turning a knob to adjust how much air comes out of the small vents. It would make flying a lot more comfortable.


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