My mother and grandmother have always told me that before you get married it's important to know your significant other.

Knowing the best things about your significant other and some of the downfalls that they have really allow you to learn about each other and work on things that can make you both a better person.

I’ve been with my significant other for 6 years now and we are getting married this year.

Within those six years we know a lot and we’re still getting to learn more about each other as the years go on. One of the things that I find very hard to understand about my significant other is how he controls our heating ventilation and cooling system. He wastes so much energy and money on our electricity bill that it’s hard for me to grasp his reasoning behind it. In the wintertime he has our oil furnace running on 78 degrees all day, everyday. Our thermostat is set so high that I have to where no socks and shorts all the time while being in the house. Not only is the oil furnace the only heating source that we have in our home, but we also have a pellet stove that he turns all the way up on high too. Just yesterday we had a sit down conversation on how we need to cut down on our energy bills because we could be saving money for the wedding and for our honeymoon. The conversation had a positive outcome. He was understanding on some of the points that I presented to him and he agreed that the thermostat be set to 68 degrees and the pellet stove be turned down to a medium setting. I’m curious to see what our energy bill’s going to look like next month!

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