When I was younger I used to bust on my mom about how much she cleans.

Seeing her clean almost everyday must have instilled my mind to do the same.

I would always say, “Mom just sit down and relax, putting the dishes away can wait.” And, “Why do you have to do the floors again they look fine, nothing’s wrong with them.” Now as an adult and owning a home I am just as picky as my mom is about having a clean house.” Currently in our home we have baseboard heaters.

These baseboard heaters are electric. Baseboard heaters are another form of heating a home. Sometimes I wish we had central heating and cooling because I feel like my home would be a lot cleaner. The dust and dander that I find when I sweep my floors underneath the electric baseboard heaters is disgusting. I find that it’s extremely easy for pet hair and dust to collect on the electric baseboard heaters. I try to clean the baseboard heaters every three months or so. To clean the baseboard heaters I remove the top, I get a damp cloth and wipe the metal sheets. When I do this I see an ample amount of dust on the cloth. In a few years I want to upgrade to central heating and cooling. If we do upgrade to this type of heating, ventilation and cooling system we would have to install air registers all throughout the house. But unfortunately we would also have to cut holes in the floor to install these air registers. I want to see if this new heating and cooling strategy will eliminate the dust and contaminants in my home so I don’t have to clean all of the time!
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