I don’t know what our partner was thinking when he was trying to service a refrigerant leak

The other day, our partner said that every one of us had a coolant leak.

He was looking over the HVAC program when the A/C wasn’t working easily well, as well as he was able to spot the leak.

When I asked him if he wanted me to contact the HVAC company to have it fixed, he said he would take care of it on his own. I didn’t like the sound of that but I knew that he wouldn’t listen no matter what I said, so I let him have at it. He was making a large mess as well as he ended up making the leak worse. He tried all kinds of crazy things to get that leak to stop, however it was just a big mess. Finally when he came to me soaked in coolant, he said that I could call the HVAC professionals. I couldn’t help however laugh at him, however that just made him more irritated. I told him to go disinfect up as well as take a shower while I got a hold of the professionals. When the HVAC serviceman got there, he was asking what on earth happened. I had to explain that our partner thought he could service the coolant leak on his own. The HVAC serviceman was saying that was not a great idea because the type of coolant used in these A/C systems is hazardous as well as requires an HVAC certification to be handled. Even if our partner was able to miraculously service the leak, he still wouldn’t be able to fill the A/C program back up with coolant. I don’t know what our partner was thinking, despite the fact that he sure made a large mess. It easily made the service more extravagant than what it would have been if he never tried to service anything.


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