The troubles with space heaters during the Winter

My space heaters have caused me a lot of trouble in the past Winter.

I didn’t plan on using space heaters as a primary form of heat.

However, when the propane furnace in my camper stopped working, I had no choice but to purchase space heaters. For the size, propane heaters for campers are very expensive, and I also didn’t want to pay an installation fee. So I purchased a few space heaters and tried to survive. I bought two electric space heaters and one portable propane space heater. At first, I only had electrical space heaters. When I first plugged them in and left them running, I had no fears. Soon, the space heaters began to overheat and melt my plugs, so I had to upgrade all of the plugs that I wanted to use for my house. This was kind of disappointing, but I needed heat. One day, after a bad ice storm, the power went out in my house for three days. Since I have a wife and a baby, I couldn’t leave my house without power for very long, so I had to buy a different type of heater. I purchased a small propane heater, which would be able to heat my house in case of an emergency. That little space heater could heat up our entire house. However, we started hating the propane heater because it made our house smell bad. There was nothing that we could do though because we needed heat for our house. I wonder if there is a way to use a regular furnace in a camper.
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