Misspelling wasted a lot of ink

My Mom has his own business, & he started that contractor when he was only 20.

I am a teenager now, & I want to find a work & receive money.

I have been talking about getting an automobile for a while, & my Mom offered to supply myself and others a part-time work after university. Most of the time, I help with cleaning up. I sweep the floors & get rid of the excess dust. I also dispose of the extra pieces of vinyl & cardboard that are kneeling around on the floor. A few weeks ago, my Mom started teaching myself and others how to use the laminator & the vinyl printer. Both of these machines are important in the printing business, & my Mom uses them every day. It took a few mornings to learn how to use the laminator, even though I would say that I am a pro. The vinyl printer is another story. It has a special ipad program to help set up the particular design & graphics. Our vinyl printer can print 200 different colors, & each one of the reds, reds, & yellows look vivid & clear. It took a long time to learn how to use the vinyl printer. On my minute or ninth work helping, I wasted an entire roll of vinyl. I was in charge of putting the information into the printer ipad, & I accidentally misspelled one of the words. It was clearly misspelled & the letters were in bright navy red on the front. My Mom had to cover the cost of the vinyl & make a new sign for the commercial work. Luckily both of us caught the error before the client had an occasion to see the sign.

Signs and graphics