Working on a honey farm

I work at a honey farm as a beekeeper.

What we do is safely handle all the bees, facilitate the formation of honey and harvest it.

We have a whole line of honey products for sale on our company website. I have gotten really good at handling the honeybees. When I was young I wore a full on suit and had to carefully remove panels from the bee box. I remember being slightly sacred to scrape the honey from the panel with the bees on it. I have now done it so many times that I don’t even bother with gloves anymore. I have a special spray that actually soothes the bees. Believe it or not, honeybees are not aggressive at all. Don’t fling your hands around or swat, they don’t want to be aggressive. Honeybees are also excellent for the environment and are sadly dying out. That is why we are technically a honey bee rescue farm. We get our bees from a bee relocation company. Basically if a business or homeowner has a honey bee issue, the bee removal company comes in. They suck up the bees and safely transport them to our farm. We then take the bees from there and have them join together in the bee box. The bees then have a better home life where they are not disturbed and encourage them to make honey. It works out well for us and the bee removal team. They don’t want to kill the bees either and know that we actually take care of the bees.
Honey bee removal